Monday, 21 May 2012

Oxford Preppy chic

Hey everyone, how has your week started. Mine has started with a bang lots of school work. If you saw my previous post, the blazer and sweater am wearing today are the same only I decided to change the look just a little bit to make it more preppy and more "Oxford academic appropriate". I have such tight deadlines for my thesis this week with my supervisor expecting a 4000 word thesis background by friday this week so i decided to dress the part of a serious student to start of my week. I put on a simple white shirt under the sweater, skinny jeans, pointed flats (easier to cycle in) and topped of with a strand of pearls. I love pearls fake or real they add such a touch of glamour and class to any look. Tell me what you think of my look as compared to the previous post

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Gate crashing

Its been a long but fruitful day. I spent most of my day today in the library. I have given myself a tight deadline to finish my thesis so i really don't have a choice but to put in some long hours. Anyway as my life always goes (read previous post) i was invited for a cocktail in honour of a prestigious conference of some of the brightest scholars from Oxford and Cambridge Universities. So i gladly picked myself from the library and followed my friends for a lovely evening (that i had no official invite to) and a catch up with some friends i had not seen for a while. I also took the opportunity to take photos of what i was wearing today. I think I look quite like the serious Oxford Scholar that I am supposed to be except for the towering wedges. I am standing outside one of the most prestigious academic houses in the world. Its called the Rhodes House which hosts the Rhodes Scholarship scholars. Very bright students from africa and around the world are interviewed and accepted into University of Oxford on full scholarship.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Colour blocking: Orange and Navy Blue

Its been a while since my last post. The weather has really not been on my side of late with constant daily rain making it impossible to dress up or take good photos. I had an opportunity to dress up recently. It was on a friday the sun had been out the whole day and my friend invited me for a semiformal dinner in honour of  a conference she was organising. Here are a few pics of what i was wearing. Photo credits go to my amazing friend Jojo (her photography skills are amazing)

I love the tie and dye feature on the fabric of this shoes (Shoes stolen from my sister who i think got them on sale at Dorothy Perkins)

 In the gardens of the place I call home while in oxford (we eat in that big tower block behind me) and look at that brilliant blue sky
Its been a while since my last post. The weather has really not been on my side of late with constant rain making it impossible to dress or take photos. I had a photo opportunity recently when we had a whole day of sun. It was on a friday and my friend invited me for a semiformal dinner for a conference she was organising. Here are a few pics of what i was wearing.

Monday, 7 May 2012

A lovely day in London

Hey how has your weekend been? I spent the day in London today with one of my really close friends. After a long lunch and several mugs of tea later, we decided to walk it all of by doing the tourist thing. We took a stroll to buckingham palace and had fun taking pictures and giggling like little girls. I love being a tourist cause its the one time you have permission to take goofy photos in front of statues of nude men ;-). No nude statues here though.
The photos are not as clear as I would have liked them to be because of the dull weather today and the fact that I forgot my camera and we were using my phone to take photos
I hope you enjoy the photos though

I hope you don't get vertigo turning your head to look at this one but i love that colour and the fabric of my clothes can be seen up close
I could not resist adding this photo of buckingham palace. I really thought it was quite beautiful.

I think the guy in the red coat behind has one of the worst jobs on earth. He just stands there all day and we (read tourist) all crowd around him like vultures waiting to take a photo of any move he makes. I could have sworn I saw him chewing gum 

I am wearing a red coat that i got from Miss Selfridges on sale, a white linen vest from Primark, A tiger print scarf from Primark. The bag is a Gap Leather barrel bag that i got it for a bargain from ebay, skinny dark wash jeggings and nude ballet flats. This is one of my favourite looks simple clothes with neutral colours topped of with a pop of colour. I hope you enjoy my outfit today. Thanks for reading my profile and have a fabulous week ahead