Saturday, 17 October 2015


Today's post is a hit and run, I am in the middle of preparing for crucial exams so am literary burning the midnight oil studying like crazy. A girl has got to grow her career so some sacrifices on leisure and finances have to be made.
So this is not really a whole white outfit, but most urban myths believe that plus size cannot do white or low back. Well this is an out inspo that you really can.

 This is my tired with the photographer face (I always forget to tuck in those annoying shoulder strings)
low back top is actually peplum bought on sale from HnM
Wedge Shoes- Clarks

Monday, 5 October 2015


Can a plus size girl wear pleated high waste skirts? Oh yes you can. I have worn this skirt previously on this blog and its clear its a favourite item of mine. I honestly think pleated skirts are timeless items and they are always stylish and on trend. I wore this recently at an out of town work retreat; decent enough to wear in front of the boss but still comfortable enough. For some reason I have been loving shades of orange and peach recently, so you will be seeing more of that in future. Tell me what do think you think of this look?

T-Shirt-Mr. Price Nairobi
Shoes-Store 66 Nairobi
Skirt very very old- Primark UK

Saturday, 3 October 2015


I have been thinking a lot about how to make this blog more meaningful. It's easy for me to write about clothes because I love fashion. But at the same time I have so much else going on in my life which mirrors similar experiences and life challenges that other women go through. So I have decided to start a black dress series, for various reasons one is I where lots of black (obviously) but black is such a timeless, ageless and trend surpassing colour and I think women are the same. I will be having black dress series just to share life and encouragement.

Today I start the black dress series with confidence as my conversation piece today and because this is something that affects us women so much. I have gone through quite severe low self esteem especially when I was younger I was a geek (still am) severely shy and am sure it's a challenge that so many of us go through. We are usually our worst enemies; critiquing our bodies and trying to achieve beauty standards that are so unachievable. I have been there too. Its interesting I have actually never been slim and of course the never ending struggle for weight loss and self acceptance. I am not sure what works for people but for me fashion is actually what made my confidence start growing. I discovered I had a natural knack for style. Eventually I was the go to person all my friends went to for style advice.

But the advice I would give my younger sisters, is don't sweat the small stuff. I promise it get's easier as you grow older. I love myself so much now with all my flaws curves and bumps. I think I AM PERFECT. I AM THE BEST VERSION OF ME. So live my life to the full and try to enjoy every minute of it. But if losing weight, or dressing up or hanging with friends is what makes you feel better about yourself do it. Just remember you are perfect and there will be no better version of you ever