Friday, 18 October 2013


So last week I did one of the craziest things. I work in a rural area and I just got a crazy craving for the big city (read Nairobi). I literally got into my vehicle and drove ALONE for 345km of horrible Kenyan roads to Nairobi. It was one of the most daring and best things I  have ever done. My parents were not amused, honestly when do we stop being our parents' babies LOL.  I did my Solo road trip with a beautiful music playlist and singing out loud most of the journey.

TRAVEL ESSENTIALS: I made a quick stop In Kericho (most beautiful place in Kenya) for a quick snack and a break from the drive. My cat eye sunglasses are from Zara. I got them in July on sale while on a trip to China.I checked online but they are sold out

WHAT I SAW: I love the tea plantations in Kericho. When I was a kid it would remind me of tennis lawn. I think it still does. This photo does not do justice the beauty of this place. Miles of green tea plantation as far as the eye can see

WHAT I WORE: Flat sandals with a golden band. I bought in woolworths in Yaya centre about a month ago. I checked last weekend and it was sold out but just check in the other branches in the malls in Nairobi and you might still find them in stock. I am in old tights I bought in primark a loooog time ago and a long loose HnM t-shirt that I got at HnM during my China trip in july

WHAT I BOUGHT: I bought some curios from a nice gentleman along the way. Would you believe there is a pizza inn at one of the view points facing mount longonot. I highly reccomend a drive out there. its about 60 km from Nairobi towards Nakuru. The air is crisp and its such a nice way to spend a beautiful day with your loved ones

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Styling a striped skirt for the plus size girl

If you remember a few weeks ago I had a major rant about the state of retail fashion in Kenya. Well I decided to start doing something about the lack of clothes that I love or i can afford in the shops in Kenya.
I bought this beautiful striped fabric to make a skirt after obsessing about this skirt on blog here.

I have an amazing tailor who now understands that I am a slave driver about the quality of the tailoring of clothes. The Skirt had to be redone a couple of time to make it what I wanted. so here is the final results styled in different ways. Tell me what you think

Styled  with a denim shirt and belt with high brown wedges

 Red Kitten heels, statement neck lace i got from Woolworth's, red kitten heels from Angelo's

Friday, 4 October 2013


I will be redoing my apartment starting 2014. Its an old flat that was built in the 1970s or earlier so it has a lot of quirky details which I love. The main challenge with my flat is that the rooms are pretty small, so it will take a lot of creativity to make it stylish and livable for someone like me who tends to accumulate stuff.

 I am bookworm and a compulsive book buyer. Books are my one absolutely totally guilt free purchase. I don't think there is a bookshop that I can pass by without entering and buying a book. I buy about 4 to 6 books every month so by the end of the year i have anything from 50 to 60 books. Also I never give away my books. For me books are like my best friends. Weird thing about me I sleep with about two books on my bed every night and if I am stressed the number of books on my bed increase ;-///. So basically my house must have adequate shelf space to accommodate lots of books.

So I have been looking for some inspiration for my house and how to redo it. Its going to be a long term project probably a year or more

Here is some of my inspiration
This is my ideal room; quirky, eclectic and cosy

I see me in a corner of my bedroom with a cosy am chair and lots of books around me

My room is pretty small so I Love how this room has been designed
 sigghhhhh!!!!!!! dont you just love this room. Isn't it beautiful?

This is just so beautiful; I can see my guest room looking like this

 I got this tips for a small bedroom from pinterest

I will keep looking for more ideas over the next few months before i start my project