Friday, 18 October 2013


So last week I did one of the craziest things. I work in a rural area and I just got a crazy craving for the big city (read Nairobi). I literally got into my vehicle and drove ALONE for 345km of horrible Kenyan roads to Nairobi. It was one of the most daring and best things I  have ever done. My parents were not amused, honestly when do we stop being our parents' babies LOL.  I did my Solo road trip with a beautiful music playlist and singing out loud most of the journey.

TRAVEL ESSENTIALS: I made a quick stop In Kericho (most beautiful place in Kenya) for a quick snack and a break from the drive. My cat eye sunglasses are from Zara. I got them in July on sale while on a trip to China.I checked online but they are sold out

WHAT I SAW: I love the tea plantations in Kericho. When I was a kid it would remind me of tennis lawn. I think it still does. This photo does not do justice the beauty of this place. Miles of green tea plantation as far as the eye can see

WHAT I WORE: Flat sandals with a golden band. I bought in woolworths in Yaya centre about a month ago. I checked last weekend and it was sold out but just check in the other branches in the malls in Nairobi and you might still find them in stock. I am in old tights I bought in primark a loooog time ago and a long loose HnM t-shirt that I got at HnM during my China trip in july

WHAT I BOUGHT: I bought some curios from a nice gentleman along the way. Would you believe there is a pizza inn at one of the view points facing mount longonot. I highly reccomend a drive out there. its about 60 km from Nairobi towards Nakuru. The air is crisp and its such a nice way to spend a beautiful day with your loved ones

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