Monday, 11 June 2012

Simple white tee

Hey everyone am so sorry for not being regular uploading my blog recently. Doing research on my thesis has kept me so busy with barely any breathing space and worse than that is the constant rain in the UK. This being my first year abroad I was not prepared for the schizophrenic weather in Europe. its quite strange for me to be in a place where it rains constantly and days with sunny being far less than rainy days. Having said that, i happened to get lucky a few days ago on the one day it didn't rain and decided to dress down in a simple white tee, jeans and wedge heels for dinner with my friends. I am so lucky because about ten metres from my house are lots of amazing restaurants so its easy to dress in heels without worrying about cab fare and walking miles in heels. thanks for viewing my blog. tell me what you think of my look