Sunday, 29 April 2012

Orange crush

Hey how is your weekend so far? I have spent most of mine in doors with a few outings with friends. The weather has been absolutely horrible this week in Oxford with rain daily from morning to evening. So to cheer myself up, i decided to wear orange for dinner and drinks with my friends. I am wearing an orange blazer accessorised with an orange patterned scarf to brighten up my whole look of simple white t-shirt, jeans and boots.
Tell me what you think of my look this week. Thanks for all the support I am getting with my blog so far. Am really excited about it and really enjoying the journey so far.


  1. this is my faaaavorite perfect totally wear the way ive decided to start dressing up have inspired me...this is really cool jo

  2. Shiz you have to start dressing up. Babe You have some serious style. And thats the point of the blog to make people see its so easy to dress up and look pretty

  3. imgn am sooo stepping up my this space...we want more posts!!!!!!!