Sunday, 20 May 2012

Gate crashing

Its been a long but fruitful day. I spent most of my day today in the library. I have given myself a tight deadline to finish my thesis so i really don't have a choice but to put in some long hours. Anyway as my life always goes (read previous post) i was invited for a cocktail in honour of a prestigious conference of some of the brightest scholars from Oxford and Cambridge Universities. So i gladly picked myself from the library and followed my friends for a lovely evening (that i had no official invite to) and a catch up with some friends i had not seen for a while. I also took the opportunity to take photos of what i was wearing today. I think I look quite like the serious Oxford Scholar that I am supposed to be except for the towering wedges. I am standing outside one of the most prestigious academic houses in the world. Its called the Rhodes House which hosts the Rhodes Scholarship scholars. Very bright students from africa and around the world are interviewed and accepted into University of Oxford on full scholarship.


  1. i call this we need some bling up in here shawty.....

  2. hey shizy, thanks for the amazing love. Check out the latest post with a similar look but more bling and tell me what you think