Monday, 7 May 2012

A lovely day in London

Hey how has your weekend been? I spent the day in London today with one of my really close friends. After a long lunch and several mugs of tea later, we decided to walk it all of by doing the tourist thing. We took a stroll to buckingham palace and had fun taking pictures and giggling like little girls. I love being a tourist cause its the one time you have permission to take goofy photos in front of statues of nude men ;-). No nude statues here though.
The photos are not as clear as I would have liked them to be because of the dull weather today and the fact that I forgot my camera and we were using my phone to take photos
I hope you enjoy the photos though

I hope you don't get vertigo turning your head to look at this one but i love that colour and the fabric of my clothes can be seen up close
I could not resist adding this photo of buckingham palace. I really thought it was quite beautiful.

I think the guy in the red coat behind has one of the worst jobs on earth. He just stands there all day and we (read tourist) all crowd around him like vultures waiting to take a photo of any move he makes. I could have sworn I saw him chewing gum 

I am wearing a red coat that i got from Miss Selfridges on sale, a white linen vest from Primark, A tiger print scarf from Primark. The bag is a Gap Leather barrel bag that i got it for a bargain from ebay, skinny dark wash jeggings and nude ballet flats. This is one of my favourite looks simple clothes with neutral colours topped of with a pop of colour. I hope you enjoy my outfit today. Thanks for reading my profile and have a fabulous week ahead


  1. houston we have a problem!!!! oxford is on fire..that jacket has my name written on it...real cool love the concept....

    1. Thanks love. I really appreciate it. you are my biggest fun so far

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    1. thank you so much. keep checking for more posts ;-)