Monday, 21 May 2012

Oxford Preppy chic

Hey everyone, how has your week started. Mine has started with a bang lots of school work. If you saw my previous post, the blazer and sweater am wearing today are the same only I decided to change the look just a little bit to make it more preppy and more "Oxford academic appropriate". I have such tight deadlines for my thesis this week with my supervisor expecting a 4000 word thesis background by friday this week so i decided to dress the part of a serious student to start of my week. I put on a simple white shirt under the sweater, skinny jeans, pointed flats (easier to cycle in) and topped of with a strand of pearls. I love pearls fake or real they add such a touch of glamour and class to any look. Tell me what you think of my look as compared to the previous post


  1. kinda prefer the other one but this one also rocks......

  2. I love the flats and the mint green shirt, plus your blazer is darling!
    Also I'm really excited to follow you and I hope you'll return the favor. It would mean so much coming from a style icon like you! (:

    xx Amber