Thursday, 18 October 2012

Style in the Village

Hey everyone
the last few months have been extremely eventful. I moved from England back to Kenya where i got a job in health research. My jobs takes to some of the most remote areas of Kenya where I am working in health research and its very involving and demanding. Since coming home and facing the realities of working in rural areas my new challenge has been to remain true to my fashion loving self while at the same time being culturally sensitive to the rural communities that I work in, which is not a mean feat. In this blog I am wearing a simple black dress that i got on sale at HnM with flat pointed shoes and fake mulberrybag that I got during my trip to China. The necklace is a clay beaded necklace i got from kazuri you can check out there stuff from this website I like how it looks like pearls makes the whole outfit really classy dont you think?

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