Monday, 19 November 2012

French Chic- Nautical striped top

I love fashion but what is even more fascinating for me is that fashion never just happens, it is inspired by major events that have shaped history. The nautical stripped shirt is a very french and minimalist look that has stood the test of time. It was interesting to discover that the stripped shirt has history in the French Naval Army. The stripped short was commissioned as Act of France in 1858 as a uniform for all French Sea men, that way if a navy man fell into the sea he would be easily spotted. Years later Coco Chanel introduced the Bretton Nautical stripes into main stream fashion.

The French Sea men dressed in the trademark stripped shirt

The ever amazing Coco Chanel in a Stripped shirt in 1930

So to pay homage to the great Coco Chanel and also just for how amazing I think stripped tops look I decided to put together this simple and amazing ensemble on.

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