Friday, 16 August 2013


I have to confess I loved the idea of starting a blog but truth be told taking photos of myself and uploading them on my blog really takes me out of my comfort zone. I am such a private person and I am so uncomfortable with putting myself out there. And having a fashion blog is definitely a big way of putting myself out there.  In addition my job is crazy busy, I am a doctor and I work in research so am constantly on the road to rural areas so sometimes it can get a bit difficult to get time or opportunities to take photos of outfits but this not withstanding I am determined to make it work this time. I always feel its a waste to put on something crazy interesting and unique and not chronicle it or share with people. I have been receiving constant encouragement from some of my dear friends to restart my blog makes me feel kind of guilty about not making my blog active.

Of late I have been reading many blogs on women who are plus size like me and I feel am getting confidence and motivation to start uploading and posting photos. Please check out blogs like

For me this girls are so amazing and so inspirational. They definitely challenge me to try to new things and to be more daring in my style. I will be highlighting others with time. 
With those few(ish) words, here are a few things that I have been upto and wearing over the last few weeks (the ones that I managed to take photos of.
You will notice my style has taken quite a turn. I am now wearing more vintage and I scour flea markets looking for skirts that old lady would envy long and conservative looking but I try to give them an edge and I always love the final results (more photos soon).

I love this look I think its so simple and elegant. The red belt gives the look a pop of colour

 Brogues at the rugby game
I went for a rugby match a few weeks ago and it rained like crazy and was so muddy luckily i had my faithful oxford brogues to save the day

Here I am with a few girl friends at the games. wearing a simple black dress and a cropped denim jacket

Like I said earlier my style has been changing over the last few months. I am wearing more skirts but making the look more me (if that makes sense at all). I bought this Zara skirt at the flea market and decided to add an african print at the waist band (more photos to come). What do you think of this look


  1. Good stuff!So is Kibuye the flea market you are referring to?:-) I like the idea of adding african fabric to the band of skirt...looking forward to pics of you wearing it.

    1. LOL Yeah Kibuye, Gikomba, Toi. Just to name but a few